Quotes from Our CEO, Mr Raj Kumar KC

“Stocks diversification may make you rich by luck, strategy diversification protects your capital for sure”

“I hate the idea about choosing individual stocks, i like to profit from the stock market, not from the individual companies bought and sold in stock market”

“Following the news may make you rich by mistake, but following the market corrects your mistake for sure”

“It doesn’t matter which stocks you choose, it matters when you buy and sell them”

“Following single strategy in long term can be dangerous in stock investment”

“Be patient for investment idea to produce return, not be patient for price to return back and break-even”

“If you don’t know why you are investing, your mind gets manipulated and you are at risk”

“Price and Volatility is both risk and opportunity, Patience is also both risk and opportunity “

“Stocks can be forever expensive and forever cheap”

“Investors have to pay short term price for long term value”